Friday, July 7, 2017

The Kennewick Man

The "Kennewick Man" was found on the banks of the Columbia River in Kennewick, Washington. The discovery has caused a lot of controversy because there is a BIG agenda to maintain. It's one of those inconvenient truths that people don't really want to delve into. What disturbed me was the huge cover-up that certain entities wanted to maintain. That always makes me question the "official" narrative, and it should make you question it, too.

Highlights of the video:

  • Kennewick Man is over 9,000 years of age. Several experts declared him to be of European origin. He died due to an infection caused by a Stone Age object.
  • Those in power, the Army Corps of Engineers (who controlled the area where the bones were found) and the American Indians, didn't want the truth; the discovery challenged American Indian belief they were the first inhabitants. Thus, with the help of the US government, Kennewick Man's bones, tests, test materials, documents, etc. were confiscated, and no further tests were allowed.
  • Steve McNallen, of the Asatru religion, filed a lawsuit in federal court to prevent the American Indians from having the bones. He did this based on the reasoning that the Kennewick Man is a kinsman, i.e., fellow European. Here's a talk Steve McNallen did about the Kennewick Man.
  • Any scientist who disagreed with the American Indian agenda were called "racist" because the science didn't reveal the Kennewick Man to be an American Indian skeleton.
  • Before the Kennewick Man's remains were turned over to the American Indians, the American Indians put things in with the bones (like smudge sticks) and handled them. Perhaps this was to contaminate the bones in case of further testing?
  • Once the American Indians gained control of the remains, they buried the Kennewick Man in such a way as to damage and contaminate the bones, preventing any kind of accurate test reading in the future. Dr. Jim Chatters, the first scientist to examine the bones, stated: "Everyone is doing something other than what you would expect a normal human being to do."
  • There were other very old skeletons found in North America that were different from American Indian skulls, such as the "Windover Bog People." These were European skeletons discovered in a bog in Florida; the finding indicated an advanced civilization of people who lived about 5000 BCE near Titusville, Florida. Additional finding mentioned in the video below: Cave dwellings in Mexico, circa 700 BCE, which depicted blonde people being attacked by brown people.

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