Sunday, July 23, 2017

Europa Awakening with Stephen A. McNallen

The Folkgard Radio Show and Podcast talked with Stephen A. McNallen about Europa Awakening. Highlights of the video include:
  • McNallen discusses his background and how he became interested in Asatru. Folk/volk soul and collective unconscious.
  • More and more are awakening.
  • We are at a crisis point, which McNallen sees as an opportunity point, in making a better future for everyone.
  • Discusses Wotan Network, which is helping to invoke Wotan/Odin in our lives.
  • Awakening of the Wotan archetype; Carl Jung and race soul; as races begin to differentiate there will be changes in basic patterns, so there will be unique racial souls.
  • The archetype exists within us - whether we know it or not; as we become aware of it, it becomes energized. The archetype manifests as crises arise.
  • What does industrialization do to us as a people?
  • White genocide and replacement.
  • If the whites are going to survive, we need to invoke the might of Wotan. Wotan isn't a savior, but rather, an inspiration due to his might, nobility, and strength. This will help us deal with the crises facing the white race now.
  • Wotan/Odin/Wodin is not only the god of war, but also of wisdom; ecstatic frenzy is what Wotan is about.
  • Even if immigration stopped now, Europe has changed already. The more Germany is repressed, the louder Wotan's call will be. All other European folk will stir.
  • Wotan Network (on facebook) is spreading ideas through memes. Wotan Mit Uns. Each of us is a node in the network; pass along the ideas and memes to make them stronger.

    McNallen's Youtube Channel.

  • Saturday, July 22, 2017

    Orwell's Nightmare: Temperature Adjustments and Climate Change

    The Corbett Report talks about George Orwell and climate change in "Orwell's Nightmare: Temperature Adjustments and Climate Change." Highlights of the video include:
  • "Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past." ~George Orwell.
  • Climate science seems to be taking that Orwell quote as a mantra. Suzuki said any politician who is skeptical of global warming should be jailed, yet he showed his ignorance in a video clip.
  • Inaccurate data sets.
  • Raw, measured data is much different than the reported data.
  • Peer-reviewed study showed that the official (GAST) data produced by NASA, NOAA, and HADLEY are not reliable; they've been adjusted to show a warmer present and future, with a colder past. "Each dataset pushed down the 1940s warming and pushed up the current warming."
  • Corbett references his previous video "What is the Average Global Temperature?"

  • Friday, July 21, 2017

    The Ugly Truth About Cultural Marxism

    Stefan Molyneux talks with The Rebel Media's Faith Goldy on "The Ugly Truth About Cultural Marxism." Highlights of the video:
  • Saul Alinsky tactics discussed.
  • "Mass importation of diversity that is fundamentally incongruent and antithetical to our liberal democracy." ~Goldy
  • No diversity of thought allowed in PC culture.
  • Immigrants don't want less gov't; they want more gov't - like welfare.
  • Cultural Marxism has played a big part in the decline of the west. Family and the church was targeted. All to increase the state at the detriment to the individual.
  • High degree of degeneracy; cultural Marxism hasn't led to being creative, but rather to a hyper-sexualized and degenerate society. Advocacy of pedophilia seems to be coming from the left. Dam-buster to moral society. Target is to demoralize western culture.
  • Why is youtube de-monetizing videos / channels that aren't politically correct (like dealing with the dangers of Islam), yet sexualized videos for children are still monetized?
  • Bait and switch: children are bad, don't have so many. Oops, not enough children, so we need to import Muslims. Whites are voting our culture out of existence.
  • Groups vote and behave differently, so if you import groups of people who can't comprehend freedom (and don't want freedom), you're going to have problems as that group increases in number.
  • Goldy doesn't think this trend is reversible.
  • South Africaners (whites) are being genocided.
  • Molyneux and Goldy discuss decreasing manliness due to decreasing testosterone. Don't eat soy, but it's basically in everything that is processed.

  • Thursday, July 20, 2017

    CrossTalk: Remembering USS Liberty

    CrossTalk round table that discusses Israel's attack on the USS Liberty, where 34 servicemen were killed. Highlights of the video:
  • USS Liberty attacked by Israel in the Mediterranean - one of the worst assaults carried out on US during peace time and ally!
  • Israeli aircraft surveilled the USS Liberty for several hours before the attack; attack took place over two hours; Israelis were so close, the US servicemen could see the Israelis in the cockpits. Napalm and rockets were also used by the Israelis during this attack. Thankfully, the Israelis were lousy shots; otherwise, the ship would've sunk.
  • War crime. Life rafts were shot out of the water by Israel. Israel tried to frame Egypt and wanted to kill everyone on the ship.
  • Russian ship in area may have stopped the sinking of USS Liberty.
  • Israel said the attack was "an honest mistake." Author Phillip F. Nelson contends it was planned for two years. Nelson also contends that Lyndon B. Johnson is the one who planned the attack so he could win re-election; Ken O'Keefe vehemently disagrees. A document revealed plans of the Six Day War was discussed before the war began.
  • "Conspiracy of silence" all these years. Survivors threatened with prison if they spoke of the attack.
  • Tapes show that Israeli pilots were questioning if they should attack, but they were ordered to.
  • What has US gotten out of its relationship with Israel?
  • Since Israel got away with its attack on USS Liberty, they know they can do anything.

  • Wednesday, July 19, 2017

    Adapt 2030: What our Society will be Like During the Grand Solar Minimum 2018 2023

    David from Adapt 2030 talks with Lee Wheelbarger on "What our Society will be Like During the Grand Solar Minimum 2018 2023." If you don't believe the globalist scheme of "global warming," you might want to check out his videos. They're very informative, and they're not doom and gloom. David sees this as a time of opportunity for those who are prepared.

    Highlights of the video:

  • Most people are noticing weather changes in their local regions. What will it be if it's four times more intense than what it is today? That's what David is expecting.
  • Cob houses!
  • Expect cooler weather and unusual things in the skies. Possible New Madrid Fault problems and what that will mean to shipping, electricity, heating, food, etc. Wheelbarger expects yearly snow in Florida.
  • Takes 90 days to grow food. How many people even know how to grow food? Need to adapt to growing food when you're in a colder climate.
  • If we don't unite as a people, not many will survive. Other countries - like Japan, Russia, and China - know what's going on with the climate.
  • Greenhouses aren't the answer due to all the huge hail and winds that we're now seeing.
  • Rate of weather's decline much steeper, according to Wheelbarger.
  • Obama instituted a law where, in the event of a space / weather emergency, the gov't can take over all US citizens' assets. David thinks there would be resistance to that.
  • Railroads will be brought back.

  • Tuesday, July 18, 2017

    Is Political Islam a Threat to Western Civilization?

    Tara McCarthy and Brittany Pettibone interview Dr. Bill Warner. Highlights of the "Is Political Islam a Threat to Western Civilization?" video:
  • Judge Islam on the basis of the doctrine that it adheres to.
  • Biggest lie is that Islam can't be understood, yet an illiterate peasant can understand it.
  • According to Islam, Mohammed is the perfect human being and the perfect Muslim; three books are the doctrine of Islam. Don't try to understand Islam; instead, understand Mohammed.
  • Several "jihads," but 98% of them are about killing unbelievers.
  • "War is deceit."
  • Swedish 12 year old boy raped by a Muslim, but only rec'd 30 day sentence. Western politically correct cultures' oppressor-victim mentality dictates that the oppressed non-white is always the victim. Not real justice, but politically correct justice.
  • Whites are on a suicide mission; do they even want to exist? Western governments are no longer protecting their citizens.
  • Islam cannot be reformed; there is no central body to appeal to. According to Muslims, Koran is a complete and perfect book, so how can you reform perfection? The religion itself wasn't a success, but jihad and politics were a success.
  • Islam is expanding at a greater pace than it ever has in history, so why should it want to reform? It's dominating everywhere. It's set to be the primary religion worldwide in 50 years. Dr. Warner described the reason why Islam is spreading so quickly.
  • Mohammed said repeatedly to deceive the unbelievers in order to advance Islam; thus, deception is part of Islam.
  • Warner describes what it would be like for non-believers to live under Sharia law.
  • The US Constitution declares it's the highest law of the land, but Islam states Sharia law is. Governments need to use political methods to ban Islam, not religious methods.
  • Create public pressure on Muslims by challenging them on their beliefs. Knowledge of Islam is important in order to fight against it.
  • Dr. Warner describes Sharia Law and talks about Muslim sex with boys.
  • This is a civilization war. Islam is not compatible with western governments. Our civilization will cease to exist if we lose this war, and we will eventually be genocided. (Look at the Armenian genocide).

  • Monday, July 17, 2017

    Interview with John Casey Discussing the Grand Solar Minimum, Earthquakes & More

    The Grand Solar Minimum Channel on youtube interviewed John Casey about the upcoming weather changes. Highlights of the video include:
  • New epoch of global cooling already obvious to many people, esp. in Europe, where there have been food shortages. New cold weather records.
  • The media won't be able to hide crop shortages in the US much longer; people will start questioning the official erroneous narrative of global warming.
  • New Zealand ice glaciers growing the fastest they've ever recorded.
  • 2016 had peak warm temperatures that won't happen for probably another 400 years. Will see variations of high and low temps, but we are on the downside of the cycle, and temps will continue to drop.
  • During the Maunder Minimum cycle (1650-1745), businesses were built on the ice of the Baltic Sea because people could travel on this new "land," instead of getting in a boat. Famine, plague, and illness common during this time. Casey doesn't think we're heading into a Maunder Minimum, but more like a Dalton Minimum. Still a time of bitter cold, crop losses, and lots of death. (This cycle included the "Year without a Summer.")
  • Casey discusses the myth of CO2 driving climate change.
  • Since the sun has been heating up the past 200 years, we've seen a gradual increase in sea levels; however, it is slowing down now. Sea levels are on a cyclical pattern, and Casey expects sea levels to start dropping soon.
  • Casey discusses TSI (Total Solar Irradiance) and its importance.
  • We live on a knife's edge of the "Goldilocks Zone" in connection to the Sun.
  • Sun cycles and what our sun is going through now and how it's affecting our weather.
  • Why do we get our worst earthquakes and volcanic eruptions during the Grand Solar Minimum cycles?
  • The book, "Upheaval" written by John Casey, shows how to prepare.
  • Discusses geo-engineering and sun spot predictions.
  • By 2023 to 2026, we'll know if we're going into Dalton Minimum or the far worse Ice Age.
  • Challenging times ahead for humanity.

    Watch video here: Interview with John Casey Discussing the Grand Solar Minimum, Earthquakes & More