Thursday, July 6, 2017

David Yeagley: “The Dread (or Fear) of Whiteness”

A very interesting video I watched today from David Yeagley, entitled "The Dread (or Fear) of Whitness."

David is half Comanche and has faced some flack for not towing the party line. Here are some great quotes from his talk:

  • "The white race didn't do anything the Comanches didn't do; they just did it better, on a larger scale."
  • "Real warriors admire other warriors. People of strength honor strength. So I don't have any hard feelings about that. I don't want to identify with the professional...belly-achers..." [Professionals paid by the left].
  • "...horrible way to start out life raising up young people as victims, teaching them victimhood from the time that they're born."
  • [Compared to other conquerors] "The white race and its treatment of those whom it conquered...The white Anglo-Saxon sector of the white race is pretty unique...because not only were we left standing, but we were given land allotments."
  • Due to political correctness, "especially heartbreaking to proud Indian people to see their conqueror just sort of melt into turn around and [give the land] over to Muslims...I won't let you do that!"
  • "Enemies strengthen you. I think that Indians could be very proud of our foster child [USA]. It turned out to be the greatest nation in the world. I tell Indians why can't you own that? Why can't you be part of that? [The US gov't] is still printing your faces on his currency. He's still loves to name his sports teams after your image."
  • "The white liberal is basically trying to destroy what the fathers left... is hateful towards the father, trying to take over what the father has left."

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