Monday, July 17, 2017

Interview with John Casey Discussing the Grand Solar Minimum, Earthquakes & More

The Grand Solar Minimum Channel on youtube interviewed John Casey about the upcoming weather changes. Highlights of the video include:
  • New epoch of global cooling already obvious to many people, esp. in Europe, where there have been food shortages. New cold weather records.
  • The media won't be able to hide crop shortages in the US much longer; people will start questioning the official erroneous narrative of global warming.
  • New Zealand ice glaciers growing the fastest they've ever recorded.
  • 2016 had peak warm temperatures that won't happen for probably another 400 years. Will see variations of high and low temps, but we are on the downside of the cycle, and temps will continue to drop.
  • During the Maunder Minimum cycle (1650-1745), businesses were built on the ice of the Baltic Sea because people could travel on this new "land," instead of getting in a boat. Famine, plague, and illness common during this time. Casey doesn't think we're heading into a Maunder Minimum, but more like a Dalton Minimum. Still a time of bitter cold, crop losses, and lots of death. (This cycle included the "Year without a Summer.")
  • Casey discusses the myth of CO2 driving climate change.
  • Since the sun has been heating up the past 200 years, we've seen a gradual increase in sea levels; however, it is slowing down now. Sea levels are on a cyclical pattern, and Casey expects sea levels to start dropping soon.
  • Casey discusses TSI (Total Solar Irradiance) and its importance.
  • We live on a knife's edge of the "Goldilocks Zone" in connection to the Sun.
  • Sun cycles and what our sun is going through now and how it's affecting our weather.
  • Why do we get our worst earthquakes and volcanic eruptions during the Grand Solar Minimum cycles?
  • The book, "Upheaval" written by John Casey, shows how to prepare.
  • Discusses geo-engineering and sun spot predictions.
  • By 2023 to 2026, we'll know if we're going into Dalton Minimum or the far worse Ice Age.
  • Challenging times ahead for humanity.

    Watch video here: Interview with John Casey Discussing the Grand Solar Minimum, Earthquakes & More

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